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Web Configurator (xdeConfigurator)

You are looking for a tool which represents your products visually (3D) and technically (2D) correctly on the internet? Use our xdeConfigurator for this purpose.

Website (xdeCommerce)

Your website needs a contemporary paint job? We create powerful and SEO optimized homepages and online stores.

Portal (xdePortal)

You want to offer your partners another sales channel? Our xdePortal helps you 100% with that.

ERP System (xdeOffice)

You want to be independent and free of expensive servers? Then our cloud-based ERP system xdeOffice supports you.

experience a unique sales channel


Would you like to present to your customers the wide range of your product manufacturing options anytime and anywhere?

Then opt for our xdeConfigurator.

These are your advantages
  • Availability
    • By providing our product configurators as web-based software, the use is available to you anytime and anywhere on all end devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet).
  • Data provision
    • With the xdeConfigurator you have the possibility to export different queries in different formats (dwg, dfx, PDF, CSV) individually tailored to your needs.
  • Design
    • The user gets a strong spatial experience through the 3D view and can configure and offer the desired product to his satisfaction even without much imagination.
  • Individuality
    • The configurator can be tailored to the specific needs of your company.
  • Validity
    • The xdeConfigurator increases validity in numerous processes – quotation generation, price calculation, etc.
  • Integration
    • The xdeConfigurator can be integrated into the commercial systems of A+W Software.
  • Optimization of processes
    • By always providing up-to-date manufacturer specifications and the validity of configuration data, you optimize your business processes and avoid miscalculations.
That is what we take care of
  • We ensure permanent availability of the xdeConfigurator on all end devices through the browser-based software.
  • By networking with suppliers, we always ensure up-to-date, state-of-the-art configuration options for you.
  • Our updates ensure reliable and up-to-date data.
    For an optimal design of your processes, we also enable you to make individual adjustments to your configurator.
  • Synergy effects result from the cooperation with A+W Software GmbH. We take over the coordination, you profit directly from the integrative use.

We have already implemented the following configurators for you:

  • Plate configurator (flat glass)
  • Shower configurator
  • Sliding door configurator
  • Revolving door configurator
  • Mobile partition configurator

clear and simple


You want a professional internet presence?

The first impression counts – so don’t leave it to chance, leave it to us!

We offer you a qualified homepage system.

If you choose us as provider for your homepage, you can bundle your company resources for your core competence in the future and we will take care of the issues around your homepage.

These are your advantages
  • Customers in all industries, including the handcraft, are increasingly orienting themselves to the Internet presence. Through a qualified Internet presence, the prospective customer unconsciously concludes on a professional specialist company.
  • Through our SEO optimization you achieve a better findability of your homepage in search queries (Google, Bing etc.), i.e. more page visitors, more inquiries for you.
  • You can strengthen your good impression on the customer by presenting already manufactured reference products with wow-effect and by the reviews of your existing customers. Good references and reviews create trust!
  • You get the service from a single source – no complicated, time-delaying coordination processes between different service providers.
  • You are always available for your customers via your contact form or contact information and thus never miss an offer opportunity.
  • Shortage of skilled workers is a major current challenge – through your professional internet presence you appear as an attractive employer and attract employees who value professionalism and competence.
That is what we take care of
  • We create a professional, intuitive homepage for you.
  • We take care of the regular updates and the installation of the service packs.
  • We ensure through SEO optimization (search engine optimization) that your website is really found by your prospects.
  • We ensure that your website is easy to read and usable on all devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet). I.e. the integration of Responsive Web Design is a matter of course for us.
  • We take care that the website complies with the legal framework.
  • We take care of data security, because your data is stored on our own server.
  • We offer professional sample templates for data protection, imprint and newsletter.

Have you noticed that even in the handcraft sector, a presence on social media is an increasingly important tool for customer acquisition?

You lack the resources and the corresponding know-how to dedicate yourself to this important marketing area?

We offer you a professional and simple entry into social media:

  • We create the social media concept for you, as well as the social media audit for your customized social media presence.
  • We are also happy to support you with regular contributions, maintenance/support and analysis of your social media channels.
  • We are also happy to advise you on the topic of social media advertising (placing ads on social media) and can support you in this regard.

Small but nice


Are you looking for a cost-effective and modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system?

If you choose us as the provider for your enterprise resource planning system, you will benefit in many ways. 

These are your advantages
  • Clarity:
    By providing you with one system for all important business processes such as merchandise management with calendar, e-mail client, configuration and data interfaces, we enable continuous optimization of your essential business processes. You increase transparency and clarity and avoid sources of error.
  • Flexibility:
    We ensure with our web-based software (Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox compatible) that you can use our system regardless of time and place. You benefit from maximum flexibility and permanent
  • User-friendliness:
    A user-friendly interface is guaranteed on any form of end device (tablet, laptop, workstation computer).
  • Up-to-date:
    We ensure regular updates in your system so that you always have the latest data from your suppliers.
  • Ease of use:
    The system features foolproof entry of quotations and orders and creation of invoices.
  • Cost advantage:
    Since the system is cloud-based, there are no additional costs for you for a server. In addition, internal process optimization leads to resource optimization, which reduces your costs.
  • Data security:
    We automatically create a backup, which means you don’t have to worry about complications or data loss. If a server fails, the cloud-based system will automatically use a new server and your data will always be safe.
  • Validity:
    Integrating our product configurators increases the validity of your quotes and orders because the configurator data and data interfaces are created and checked for validity.
That is what we take care of
  • We ensure availability. Thanks to the browser-based system, the applications are available to you 24/7 anywhere in the world.
  • Through our system, we ensure a valid, uniform and complete flow of information throughout your entire company at all times. This improves the data quality for your reporting and puts your business decisions on a solid foundation.
  • The introduction of our system usually makes internal processes more transparent and uncovers possible redundancies, transmission errors or duplicate data entry efforts. Thus we take over a process and workflow optimization in your company and help you to use your resources more sensibly.
  • The import of updates is taken over by us. You can concentrate your resources on your core competence. We make sure that your digital processes run smoothly.
  • Through regular back-ups, we ensure that your data is safe.

Together we are strong


Would you like to increase your visibility on the Internet and use an additional sales channel?

Then become a partner of our xdePortal. Our portal is the fastest and easiest solution to strengthen your visibility on the web as well as on social media.

The xdePortal addresses your end customers and connects the best partner to your customer.

These are your advantages
  • By becoming a member of our portal, you enable your interested parties worldwide to contact you quickly and easily around the clock.
  • In addition to your homepage, you have another opportunity to present your company as a professional specialist company with your core competencies.
  • The prospective customer gets the possibility a noncommittal inquiry either over the configurator, the form for contact, on the basis the postal zip code search or directly by E-Mail and telephone and to place. This uncomplicated way of contacting reduces the hurdle for the prospective customer and simplifies the offer process for you.
  • Requests for a wide variety of product types can be covered by the portal members, so you will never lose an inquiry.
  • For individual offers that are not covered by standard solutions, the interested party can contact you via the contact form and direct contact data (telephone number, e-mail). Thus, you yourself can appear not only as a supplier of standard solutions, but also as a specialist for individual challenges.
  • The presence on social media is becoming an increasingly important tool for online customer acquisition. Linking the portal to your homepage and social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook) increases the traffic on your online channels and thus your visibility.
  • The integration of the configuration with the 3D view increases the attractiveness of the portal for the prospective customer and makes it easier for you to create the offer.
That is what we take care of
  • We take care of a professional internet presence of the portal, which opens up another sales channel for your company in an uncomplicated way.
  • We take care of the technical finesses such as the zip code search, the smooth use of the configurator, the reliable receipt of all requests for quotation and the like.
  • Through regular contributions in the news section, which are created in cooperation with our portal partners, the portal acts as an information channel for both you and your prospective customers.
  • You need support for your presence on social media like Instagram or Facebook? We take care of increasing your visibility with links from our portal to your accounts and through regular posts.
  • We support the findability and thus the online presence of the portal through SEO optimization.
Product example
Take a look here at our existing portal “Glas Zuhause”!


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